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Bridal Florist Near Me

Bridal Florist Near Me in Kansas City

Is there a bridal florist near me? There certainly are many florists you can choose from, which makes the process overwhelming if you are looking for the perfect bouquet for your wedding day. Forever Flowers Kansas City offers a unique choice with its wood flowers.


We offer many types of flower arrangements here at Forever Flowers Kansas City. One of these arrangements is the sola wood flower boutonniere. We currently offer three different types of boutonnieres. These are the groom boutonniere that comes with two flowers, a basic boutonniere with one flower, and an all greenery boutonniere.


Have your groomsmen stand out among others by having them wear a one-of-a-kind sola wood flower boutonniere. Get a matching boutonniere with your date or bride for only $20 to $25 dollars each, based on which kind you purchase. You can also get a custom-made boutonniere by filling out our Custom Order Request to get a quote from us.


When you order your boutonnieres with other floral wooden items for your special event, we can discuss pricing, style, and colors. You can be as little or as much involved as you want to be in the design process. We have worked with clients who are both with great results. No matter how involved you are, we will send pictures as we design your creations to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the final products.


When you are ready to pay for your bridal or other special day order, we take PayPal, cash, and Venmo. We add 2.9% to the fee if you pay through PayPal. All custom orders must be paid with a 25 to 50% deposit as well.

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