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Kansas City Wedding Florist

Kansas City Wedding Florist For You

Are you looking for a Kansas City wedding florist? Forever Flowers Kansas City is the place for you. We offer unique wood flower arrangements for your special day or every day. There are plenty of wedding florist Kansas City locations to choose from, but if you want something unique and that will last much longer than regular flowers, check out Forever Flowers Kansas City.


How did Forever Flowers Kansas City begin anyway? Amelie Nolan, the artist behind Forever Flowers, grew up in Paris, France. Amelie moved to the United States in 2011 to attend college. She met her husband while going to school and now has a little boy.


Amelie always had a passion for the arts. This Kansas City Wedding Florist grew up going to plays, museums, and expositions in and around Paris, France. She was only 10 when she started painting and sculpting.


Amelie was introduced to wooden flowers while attending college. A friend showed Amelie a wooden flower she got from a wedding and Amelie was hooked. She started researching and crafting her own wooden flowers soon after discovering them.


Amelie made the flower arrangements for her brother-in-law's wedding. Everyone loved them and were impressed with how realistic the arrangements looked. Her sister-in-law was so impressed that she suggested Amelie to start her own business.


This Wedding Florist Kansas City creator has started her business slowly due to being pregnant, but Forever Flowers is growing quickly. Make sure to check out Amelie’s website to see beautiful examples of her work.

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