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What Are the Best Occasions for Wood Flower Arrangements?

Do you love flowers? What about wood flower arrangements? Yes, we said it - wood. As unconventional as it may sound, wood flowers are all the rage. They're not only beautiful and eco-friendly (we'll talk about that later), you'll find them in an array of styles to suit any taste. Flowers add something unique to the occasions we celebrate. We're sharing everything we know about sola wood flower bouquets and arrangements in today's post. Make sure you read before you attend your next special gathering.

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Show Someone How Much They Mean to You When you go to the nearest mall, it doesn't take long to see how limited the selection is for flower gifts. If you're looking for a gift for someone special, you want something unique. A wood flower bouquet in a vase looks pretty on a coffee table. Just one or two sola wood flowers, a tuft of natural greenery, and a Mason jar make a quaint gift for a new neighbor or a special friend. These flowers speak the language of friendship, appreciation, gratitude, and even love. You can't go wrong when giving them as a gift.

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For the Friend Who Has Everything We all have that one relative or friend who seems to have everything. No matter what gift idea you come up with, they already have one. Don't stress - wood flowers are the perfect gift. However, not just any old wood flower will do — you want to give sola wood flowers. If you've never seen these stunning creations, you're in for a treat! And so is the friend who receives your gift. But first, what exactly is sola wood, and what does it have to do with flowers?

Sola Wood 101 As it turns out, sola wood comes from a shrubby tropical plant species called Aeschynomene aspera. Say that ten times without stopping for a breath! Commonly called the sola or shola plant, you'll find Aeschynomene aspera growing wild in marshy environments. Underneath a layer of bark, you'll find the cream of the plant. This center part of the sola plant is hand-cut into thin sheets, which crafters use to create sola wood flowers. Leaving the bark intact before cutting the sheets creates an intriguing two-tone effect on the flowers. Crafters call these bark or skin flowers.

A Memorable Hostess Gift Many people today think of giving a hostess gift as a dying art? Considering how much effort goes into creating a memorable gathering, why not be the grateful guest and bring a gift? Most people bring candles, chocolates, or a bottle of wine when invited to someone's home. Sure, they make lovely hostess gifts, but they're not very interesting. We think wood flowers are the perfect hostess gift. They're beautifully crafted, unique, and unlike anything you'll find in a store or even online.

A Touch of Hygge We live in a global society where we enjoy borrowing things from other cultures and incorporating them into our own. In recent years, the Danish concept of coziness, contentment, and well-being has grown in popularity worldwide. Called hygge and pronounced: hyoo · guh; it's said to bring on feelings of quiet winter nights spent reading in front of the fire. While hygge is more a state of mind, it's also evolved into a way to decorate. The keyword when decorating in the hygge style is neutral. Sola wood flower bouquets add neutral warmth and color to your home, especially during winter. A neutral color palette is essential when creating a relaxing space. Light grays, browns, and creams are ideal. The natural color of raw sola wood flowers is ivory. We mentioned the two-tone effect created when the bark is left on the sola wood pieces. The darker browns of skin sola wood flowers add warm contrast to the natural ivory of the raw wood flowers. This is the perfect way to add a touch of hygge to your home. Welcome Baby When decorating for a baby shower, it's not uncommon to use the traditional pink or blue balloons accompanied by booties, bottles, and binkies, a.k.a. pacifiers. Baby showers are beautiful occasions to use a little flower power to celebrate the arrival of an adorable baby into the world. Sola wood flower bouquets use a biodegradable, eco-friendly, sustainable resource, making them perfect for not only environmentally conscious parents-to-be but anyone who appreciates natural beauty. Even better is that these flowers last forever and won't make the new parents or baby sneeze — they're allergy-free. What a wonderful keepsake to welcome a baby!

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Take Me to the Chapel Not only are sola wood flower arrangements ideal for hostess gifts, home decor, and baby showers, but they also make a fantastic wedding flower. A wedding is never complete without flowers. However, traditional flowers are often costly. Not only that, they're not durable — by the time the bride is ready to toss the bouquet, it's likely the person who catches it will get a bunch of wilted flowers. Enter the alternative wedding flower! Oh, wedding flower alternatives have come a long way. Remember the silk flowers crusted with hot glue dewdrops? Today's sola wood flower bouquets add elegance and a sense of luxury to any wedding celebration. These flowers look and feel like the real thing, from the bride's flowers to the reception centerpieces. You can even fashion flowers for the groom and his pack.

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Discover Stunning Wood Flower Arrangements Here Sola wood flowers always add something unique and different to any occasion. Whether you're celebrating your friend, a wedding, or the birth of a baby, your gift will stand out and be remembered for years to come. Here at Luv Sola Flowers, you can choose from our extensive selection of wood flower arrangements. Order today and give someone (or yourself) the gift of sola wood flowers!

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