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Wooden Floral Arrangements

Sola Wood Flower Arrangements

Sola wood flower arrangements are a great way to decorate for a wedding, special event, or to decorate a home for everyday use.


Sola wood is the specific wood used to make these gorgeous flowers. What is sola wood, you ask? Sola wood is also known as Balsa wood. This type of wood comes from the tapioca plant. It is a tropical plant that is part of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge) family. Castor oil plants and poinsettias also come from this family of plants.


We get our sola wood from trusted suppliers to guarantee the quality of our wooden floral arrangements. Despite being made from wood, our flowers are very light, making them easy to wear or hold for special events in a bouquet. They have a foamy feel to them and might contain bark, woodgrain, or knots. These just add characters to the sola wood flower arrangement that you can enjoy much longer than a real bouquet.


Our wooden floral arrangements are made from the center of the plant, once the bark is taken off. This creamy area of the balsa plant is then made into thin sheets so that the wood flowers can be made by hand. These flowers can then be dyed to your specifications.


If you know exactly what you want, or have pictures of flowers you like, let us see them or describe them to us so that we can make your ultimate sola wood flower arrangement. We will show you updates on the progress of your arrangement so that you will be completely satisfied when you pick up your beautiful flowers.

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